Lightmark Creative is a Video Production company that is committed to excellence through engaging storytelling.

With over 10 years of experience, our team prides itself on its core values of collaboration, adaptability, and genuine partnership. We transform your vision into a captivating and informative video.


Our Work

Trusted by top networks to create original content, Lightmark Creative delivers top-tier video and analytics for a variety of clients. From local nonprofits to top Fortune 100 companies, our diverse portfolio gives us a fresh perspective and a commitment to getting our client’s story right.

Brand Video

Amirah Inc.

Amirah is a nonprofit that provides safe housing and rehabilitation for survivors of sex trafficking in New England. ANE approached us to help them create videos that would shed light on the reality of sex trafficking in our own backyards and the proactive work Amirah does to help survivors heal. The result was a comprehensive campaign with a series of brand identity videos, deployed across their social media and website, and played live at various fundraisers. The experience of making and seeing these videos was transformative for both us and the organization.

Lightmark helped take our idea to the next level and created a beautiful video showing the depth of our program and a second video covering our expansion. The team gave close attention to every detail and met all of our requests. We especially appreciated how communicative they were and their genuine team spirit and kindness on set.

–Mary Speta
Chief Impact Officer, Amirah, Inc.

Brand Video

Frayed Knot Coffee

Frayed Knot Coffee is a New-England based subscription service that delivers freshly roasted coffee right to your door. FKC wanted a social media-driven campaign to help promote their unique service and product. But as a startup, their budget was very tight. We were able to collaborate with them to achieve their goals and vision with a very efficient production and post-production process.

Brand Welcome/Founder Story/Arbor Pro Series

All Access Equipment

All Access Equipment provides tracked aerial lifts which allow a variety of industries to access difficult hard-to-reach spaces with ease. AAE approached us with a strong desire to improve their marketing in sales and services through the use of video. We developed a 3-tiered video strategy of user-generated and internally produced content, simple and straightforward product tutorials, and high impact branding and product videos. The goal was to demonstrate the superior quality and services of All Access Equipment and blow the competition away. 

Working with the Lightmark Creative team was a pleasure for us at All Access Equipment from start to finish. They are very professional, they are great people that are easy to work with and will be patient with you until you finally nail that line, and they produce a very high-level product in the end. We absolutely recommend Lightmark Creative!

–Mike Censullo
Marketing & Design Manager, All Access Equipment

Brand Video

New England Seafarers' Mission

New England Seafarers Mission is a non-profit that provides care and support for the largely forgotten population of seafarers when they come back from sea. New England Seafarers Mission approached us with a desire to create a high-quality video to document the problem these workers face and highlight how their organization is providing support for them. The result is a brand campaign video that was deployed across New England Seafarers Mission’s website, social media, and played at informational and fundraising events around the world.

"The Lightmark Creative team brought a wealth of creativity and experience to our project. As a small non-profit, this film was a huge step for us. Chris and his colleagues took the time to listen carefully to what we were looking for in our video, especially regarding our audience and intended outcome . When filming began, we could see that they incorporated our goals into their design and filming. My staff, our board and our audience have all given high praise for the quality and clear message of our finished product."

–Rev. Stephen Cushing
Executive Director and Senior Chaplain, New England Seafarers Mission

Brand Video

Open Door Immigration Services

Open Door Immigration Services is a Salem-based nonprofit that specializes in legal services and consulting to help immigrants navigate the path to citizenship. As a relatively new organization, ODIS was in need of a video that helped explain the challenges that immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship face, and how ODIS bridges the gap between DIY and expensive legal services. We helped them develop and focus their initial video to follow the arc of an immigrant looking to apply for citizenship in Salem, MA. 

The Lightmark Creative team truly captured the human, authentic stories of our clients and of our community partners. The team's genuine interest in our organization's mission and values shows through as they creatively and thoughtfully brought together the details and intricacies of our work in a way that's typically difficult to put into words. We are beyond grateful to have worked with such a professional team.

–Sage Shaw
Open Door Immigration Services

Product Video

Firsthand Supply

Firsthand Supply is a hair-care company based on the North Shore of Boston. Championing clean ingredients and sustainable practices every step of the way, it was important to Firsthand that those distinguishing features were highlighted in their product video. We provided them with a signature product video and a series of videos for social media.

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Our Process

We deliver top-tier filmmaking standards and expertise to every project. We cut out all of the extraneous and time-consuming busy work—each step is clear and focused so we maximize production for the value. Simply put, we bring your mission to life every step of the way.

Kick-Off Meeting

Before we start your project, we'll work to fully understand your goal and vision for your videos. We’ll ask a lot of questions, and make sure that our team and yours are aligned on the same objectives from the start.

Script Writing

We’re here to tailor the perfect script for you. Our team of filmmakers take your ideas and craft them into a concise, engaging message.


With a team ranging from a skeleton crew to a full-scale production, we invest in the filmmaking not the overhead. Our team size enables us to efficiently utilize your budget and time.


We believe every frame needs to support your brand. For this reason, we design custom-made storyboards to bring your approved script to life—so you know exactly what you are getting.


This is where everything comes together—throughout the post-production process, we construct a visually captivating story from all of the footage we filmed. This includes custom motion graphics that are designed to fit your brand.

Final Deliverables

Our favorite part of the process? Providing a video that represents your vision and allows you to share your passion with the world.
It’s that easy.


Lightmark Creative is made up of passionate artists that prioritize telling your story. Each one of our team members are specialized and adaptable in their skillset—from planning, to writing, to filming, we do it all.

Chris Peters

Founder & CEO

Nathan Burgett

Associate Producer

Ansa Stamper

Graphic Designer

Tori Thompson

Project Manager

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