We make great video.

Illuminating the world, creating magic and inspiration through storytelling, explaining the unexplainable with clarity & purpose.

Lightmark Creative is a Digital Media Agency specializing in documentary filmmaking as well as live-action and animated shorts. We create premier brand content for our clients, as well as our own original content.

Who are we? Artists, musicians, directors, photographers, passionate creators with a vision to share amazing stories in the most impactful way we can. That means we live at the intersection between cutting-edge technology and fresh, original creativity.

And the way we work with you is revolutionary. Each step is clean, clear, and simple. It's the opposite of what you're used to when you think of video. And we think you'll love it.

When we're not making your videos, we're busy working on our own original documentaries and short films. Lightmark also produces content for incredible non-profit organizations every year at little to no cost. We help bring their stories out of the shadows, into vivid color to the world.